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Best Defense Pest Solutions has advanced solutions and preventative services to protect your home from termite damage using latest equipment and treatments in Janesville, Wi and neighboring areas.

Do I Have Termites?

Termites are hard to detect; especially if your unaware of their presence since their activity often goes undetected.

Signs of Termite Activity

Blisters in wood flooring

Darken areas or blisters in your wooden flooring can be a sign of termite feeding.

wood damage by termites

Are you noticing honeycomb insides of wood? Another way to know is wood is hollow is if it produces an "empty" sound.

Termite Mud Tubes

These tubes are about the width of a drinking straw and termites build these to connect to their food source.

Termite Droppings

Pellet, or coffee ground-like piles can indicate termite waste and usually is a sign of an infestation already in place.

Signs of termites in your home

How Do Termites Get Into Your House?

Termites are opportunistic creatures, and look for many ways to get into your home or business.
Hover or click to see any of these vulnerable spots and take measures to protect your home or business.

How do termites get into your home

Untreated wood-to-ground contact points

Irregular household maintenance leading to cracks in the foundation.

Cracked and/or Damaged window openings.

Cranks in concrete as thin as a credit card.

VA/FHA Termite Inspections

Best Defense Pest Solutions is certified to perform termite inspections for both Veterans Administration (VA) and Federal Housing Administration (FHA) required for real estate loans.

When buying a home, especially when using a government-related loan, a professional termite inspection may be required before you can move in.

We provide the necessary paperwork and send it to the right people to make this one less worry, when dealing with the loan process.

As experienced termite inspectors, we have the education and latest equipment to quickly distinguish the difference from simple moisture damaged wood to the most complex termite damaged and carpenter ant damage.

Don’t risk your new home to just anyone, call Best Defense and let us show you why we're Janesville's preferred termite inspector to work with and the one that helps make your closing even simpler.

Termite Damage Can Be A Costly Repair... Don't Wait!

A termite inspection reveals past, present and possible future damage.
Whether you suspect termites in your current home or thinking about purchasing one.


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