Rodent Control

We will find, remove, and prevent intruding rodents from your home using the most advanced and effective ways. Then put a plan in place to keep them from coming back. Let rodents know they're not welcome.

All About Rodents

Rodents are considered to be highly adaptable animals. With more than 2,230 species known, however, only three types are considered major pests in the U.S: the house mouse, the Norway rat, and the roof rat.

Basic Rodent Intro

Both rats and mice are capable of transmitting disease to humans by their droppings, urine and bites. A single mouse can excrete 100 droppings per day. While its uncommon for them to bite, a bite can result in rat-bite fever and their droppings can cause allergic reactions.

The food inside you house is also at risk considering food contamination by rats and mice cause billions of dollars in damage. Mice and rats are very good at breeding.

A female mouse reproduces every three to four weeks and usually gives birth to about five or six babies, and can live for two to three years. If not controlled, mice colonies can grow quite large, very fast; which is why if you see or suspect mice contact a rodent control specialist such as Best Defense Pest Solutions.

Rats and mice can:

  • Chew on wires and cause fires

  • Eat drywall and damage insulation

  • Create foul odors

  • Leave disease-prone droppings

  • Make disturbing noises inside walls, attic, and basement

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How Do Rodents Get In?

Mice and rats need three things to survive: shelter, warmth and food.
Your home provides all of these things so these creatures will seek out any vulnerable areas and will take every chance they get to invade.

Black rats, also known as roof rats, are very agile and are capable of navigating on utility poles, cables, and plants growing up the side of your house. Once on your roof, they will seek out a way to get in and will succeed if you have damaged shingles or a worn out roof.

Defects in your homes foundation can be just big enough for mice to get in. 

The common dryer vent on most homes is susceptible to letting mice in. Check the outside cover for any signs of damage and inside around the dryer. Oven vents are provide a way in for mice.

Garage door stripping tends to wear over time and a worn out strip gives mice an opportunity to sneak in. Inspect your garage door siding and strip for wear and replace if needed to prevent the possibility of a rodent infestation. 

How do rodents get in your home?


Cracks in foundation

Air Vents

Worn Garage Seals

Note: Young mice can fit through gaps as small as the width of a pencil!
As a homeowner, its in your best interest to protect the health, safety and well being of your family and home. Their breeding nature can turn into costly repairs fast.

What Rodents Do In Your Home

Rodents are determined creatures, and if given the chance, will make your home theirs.

Once inside, mice will quickly search for a spot in your home thats helps them stay out of sight and thats close to a food source such as your kitchen or dining area. They'll most likely start munching off your food in pantries, cabinets and even inside your refrigerator.

  • They Will Make A Home

    Mice love to use paper to build their nests so if you start to notice hoards of newspaper, magazines, toilet paper and paper towels in corners of your house its likely their hiding spot is nearby. They love warmth so they tend to hide inside cavity walls, under floorboards, and near hot water tanks in your basement.

  • They Will Eat Your Food

    Mice are opportunistic and will eat just about anything you leave out. From meats, grains, oats, cereal, rice, corn, fruit, and seeds if they can get to it they will most likely eat or nibble on it.

  • They Will Cause Damage

    Rodents will go out of their way to urinate on things. It’s a form of marking their territory and also communication with other members in the group. In the case of heavy and long term unmanaged infestations, the continued urination from rodents on the same spot will eventually lead to a build-ups of urine pillars.

Ok I Have A Mice Problem, What Should I Do?

Get an inspection!
Trying to deal with the rodent problem on your own usually ends up costing you more money in the long run.
Save yourself the time, effort and frustration when dealing with a mice or rat problem and bring in the pros.

A professional rodent control expert like Best Defense Pest Solutions will properly inspect the situation and explain the best course of action to remove these invaders.

Benefits of Choosing Best Defense Pest Solutions For Rodent Control

Not taking the appropriate action can quickly turn into an infestation.
Trying to deal with the rodent problem on your own usually ends up costing you more money in the long run. Save yourself the time, effort and frustration when trying to deal with mice or rat problem.
Bring in a professional rodent control expert like Best Defense Pest Solutions to properly inspect the situation and take the right action the first time to remove these invaders.

  • Free Inspection

    We'll provide a thorough inspection and identify entry points the rodents use to get in.

  • Prevention Solutions

    We bring our expertise and put a plan in place to prevent rodents from entering your home or business.

  • Same Day Service

    We strive to be the best rodent control service around and we're usually able to come out the very same say you call.

Do Not Underestimate Mice...They Breed Like Crazy!

Mice are opportunistic and determined creatures.
They will seek out any defect in your home to gain access and multiply like you wouldn't believe.
Don't let them gain control, Take Action!


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