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You shouldn't have to live with crawlers or unwanted fliers in your home.
We're trained and experienced to figure out the type of infestation your dealing with to treat your pest problem effectively.

We will come out to your home and thoroughly inspect for any signs of pests For Free

After determining the type of pest(s) your currently dealing with, we will begin treating your home and perimeter with our best course of action to stop the infestation from spreading.

We will investigate for all possible ways these pests can enter your home. From cracks, gaps, and other openings, we will seal and caulk these entry ways and make suggestions if we find something.

We make sure our treatment is working and that your 100% Satisfied with our services. We'll keep in touch with you on a weekly basis to check on how things are going and we'll respond to any immediate concerns or needs.

Mice Control Services - Best Defense Pest Solutions

Our Coverage

Knowing the kind of pest that's invading your home or business is half the battle. Our solution comes with having the latest tech, proven methods and experience to eliminate the pest problem for good. Below are common pests we see right here in the Janesville area.

  • Rodent control by Best Defense Pest Control in Janesville


  • Rat Control - Best Defense Pest Solutions


  • Flea Control - Best Defense Pest Control


  • Bed bug control in Janesville WI


  • Spider control in Janesville


  • Termite Inspections - Best Defense Pest Solutions


  • Stink Bug Pest Control

    Stink Bugs

  • Cockroach Control - Best Defense Pest Solutions


  • Ant Control - Best Defense Pest Solutions


  • Centipede Control - Best Defense Pest Solutions


  • Millipede control - Best Defense Pest Solutions


  • Earwig Control - Best Defense Pest Solutions


  • Box Elder Bug Control - Best Defense Pest Solutions

    Box Elder Bugs

  • Asian Beetle Control - Best Defense Pest Solutions

    Asian Lady Beetles

  • Wasp Control - Best Defense Pest Solutions


Dont See Your Pest?

Protect Yourself All Year Round

Affordable & Effective Pest Control Seasonal Treatments


When temperatures start to warm up, bugs tend to start growing in numbers. We'll make sure you don't have an infestation in the making.

Top Pest Threats

Cockroaches, Ants, Spiders


High heat means higher pest activity. Let us protect your home's defense line outside to keep unwanted pests from entering your home

Top Pest Threats

Mosquitoes, Bees, Ants, Fleas


At falling temperatures, pests start to feel that chill. They will look for a warm place to call home. We'll make sure your home's defense shield is ready.

Top Pest Threats

Mice, Rats, Spiders, Stink Bugs


In winter, some pests go into hibernation while other seek warmth and a food source. We'll have your back in protecting your home from these intruders.

Top Pest Threats

Cockroaches, Spiders, Mice, Bedbugs

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