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What Are Insects?

There are millions of insects around the world; which is why they are the largest class in the animal phyla known as the phylum Arthropoda. Insects have segmented bodies, jointed legs, and exoskeletons. Their bodies are divided into three major regions: 

  • The Head

    The head region contains the mouthparts, eyes and antennae. Insects have mouthparts designed to help them feed on different things and made to their environment. Insects can have two types of eyes: compound or simple. Single eye contain just a single lens while compound eyes are able to give more detail.

  • The Thorax

    This part of the insect contains the wings, legs, and muscles that control movement. All insects's legs have five parts to them and can be different shapes to help the insect move within its habitat.

  • The Abdomen

    The last region in the insects body and contains all its vital organs. Insects have stomachs and intestines so they have digestive organs for absorbing nutrients. Their reproductive organs are also in the abdomen. 

What are insects?

Head Region

Thorax Region

Abdomen Region

How To Get Rid of Insects?

We all want to keep our houses and places of business pest-free, but the chemical pesticides in stores can be way too toxic and harmful towards your family and pets. Here are helpful tips that can help prevent an invasion and signs of when to act fast.

Insects contaminate food and like to lay their larvae in foods such as flour or pasta, while others like to chew on cloth. If your noticing chewing marks on food. This can be a sign of insects lingering around.

Look outside your home or business for any cracks in the foundation, holes leading into your basement, worn out window trimming or caulk. These are just a few ways insects are possibly getting into your dwelling.

Some plants are natural pest repellents. Plants such as chive, lemon balm, myrrh, rosemary and mint are just a few plants that can help keep insects away from your home.

Insects live in colonies and in order to control the entire population, you need to have a bigger plan in place. Using a can of insect killer on just the insects you see is only affecting a small piece of the whole pie. You need to wipe out the whole colony to get rid of them for sure and professional pest control just might be what you need.

Treatments that are readily available at major stores usually only provide temporary relief. Before you know it, an infestation has taken place.
You need a pest control expert like Best Defense Pest Solutions to accurately track these insects and stop them from spreading for good.

Most Common Types of Insects In Janesville, WI

For insects, your house is a warm, inviting hotel.

Food crumbs and moisture attracts insects and bugs for an all-you-can-eat buffet, no matter how clean your home is. The consistent appearance of these critters and their destructive behavior can make anyone throw in the towel and admit defeat. Once they have found a way inside your home, they start to establish colonies; which is why its important to remove insects from your home.

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Insects Can Bring Havoc To Your Home and Health

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